About ChurchWare


This ChurchWare   (Christian Shareware) concept and ministry was designed to benefit all  Christian groups needing affordable software.  From the beginning, this  ministry has been supported by the generous donations of those that use  my software.  

The Church Software packages you download from this site are full unrestricted working copies.   None of the features have been turned off and it doesn’t drop dead  after a given period of time.  I have never charged for my technical  support. 

You’re welcome to download and  use the full unrestricted versions of Tithe.   If you like the software  and wish to continue using it, you need to register.  You can use Tithe  free but you may want to support this ministry with a one time or annual  donation.  I only ask you pray and ask God to help you in this  decision.  My average donation is $78.00 but I want you to know I am  thankful for each gift, large or small.  

This ministry, ChurchWare, has been helping churches for over 30 years. Please send your donation to:

Cedric Fairweather
PO Box 21274
Cheyenne WY 82003

Or a PayPal donation to Cedric@ChurchWare.com (Preferred method for users outside the USA)


Software Downloads For Windows PCs Only

Tithe Version – Uninstall ver 6.0.X.X before installing 6.1.X.X (zip)


Converting Tithe 4 or 5 data to Tithe 6 (pdf)


Tithe446 ver Not Supported (zip)


Tithe6 Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)